Danish Swedish Farmdog
Danish Swedish Farmdog

Yup, I am. Dreaming of a Danish/Swedish Farmdog. Also known as the Dansk-Svensk-Gardhund in German. And earlier this week it occurred to me that maybe I should buy one from Germany… since I have relatives there. Not only that, I have a cousin who is a vet!  I sent my Dad an email to see if I can get in touch with her and ask her about Farmdogs in Germany, and maybe she can help me find a really good breeder.

I’ve been reading about the Farmdogs a bit. This picture is one I found on Flickr, and this dog’s name is Bastian.  I do hope it’s okay I have posted a picture of him here. I commented on the Flickr account and asked.  Bastian is such a handsome boy!

The Farmdogs are a little bit straight for my liking, though.  But I love their size. They resemble the Jack Russel Terrier but I found this site (translated by Google) talking about how they are quite different than the JRT in personality:

First, we are not a terrier. If we have a group, then we are in the close Pinscher to compare. Just like the Jack Russell, have Svensk-Dansk-Gardhunde much Pep and are very intelligent. But there is something which distinguishes these two breeds, although the exterior cute little apart from each other. The occupation of the lap dog fills Russel not as passionate as the Danski, he is not so patiently with his owners and error is small in terms of dog attitude not as unforgivable as the Danski away.

Differences of Farmdogs and Jack Russel Terriers Link.

He is for each activity with enthusiasm, with every action keeps loose with. His temperament is very good but when times curb and a walk shorter or the movement needs to be saved, then he takes it out uncomplainingly.

So basically, these Farmdogs look like JRTs but are not as stubborn as terriers! Which is something that would be ideal for me! JRTs are kinda nice.. but I really would rather stay away from terriers. 🙂

So.. maybe I’ll get one, maybe not.  I do want a little short haired dog that is not a terrier.  Got any ideas of breeds like that?   🙂 I also don’t want a long backed dog like a corgi or a dachshund. And I’d like a dog that has the stamina for flyball, agility, and the smarts for obedience too!  And that loves positive reinforcement, of course!