Tatum Sleepy
Tatum Sleepy

A while ago I posted about Boy Dog Names, and thought now I would post about Girl Dog Names!

Of the boy names, I like Quinn the best, and I think I’d name my next boy collie Quinn.

I love Scottish and Gaelic names… so I’m looking at some websites that have these.  I also thought Olive would be a cute girls name… I also like Cae, pronounced Kay, but since okay is my release word, I think that would be a bad name! I also like Ceana, but that is also too much like okay.

Ailie … is pretty
Colina … is kinda nice, it means young hound. lol
Fiona … Oooo I really like Fiona! Fi for short!
Kenna … hmm I like this one too.
Lilias … hrmm
Marsali … from the Roman God of War
Nessa … cute

These are from a Scottish Girl Names page I found on the web.

There are a ton of names on the web.. what are you favorite girl dog names?  I named Lucy, which I still like. Tatum came named, and her name really has grown on me! And Angel came named, which isn’t a name I would chose, but it’s kinda cute. We call her Pumpkin Pie too!