lucycouchAnd as the days go on, we continue to deal with Lucy’s Megaesophagus. It’s not fun.. and each time we have to sit her up in the chair to feed her, I am saddened that she has this awful disease. And each time she regurgitates on the bed frames, I feel bad for her.

Her weight is holding steady at about 61 pounds, which is good for her. We don’t want her to get below about 58 or so.  She has been up to 65 in the past, but 61 is better for her anyway.  My Husband has been taking her for walks to the local park about three times a week, which is great for her muscle tone and strength. Plus, she loves getting out!

She usually still regurgitates on a regular basis though. Mostly after she sneaks a drink of water that we don’t know about.  Sometimes her food doesn’t seem to go down, though, and she’ll regurge the food too.  But for the most part it stays down.

She just turned 10 on February 15. And we realize that once a dog is 10, they are considered getting old.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since little puppy Lucy came to live with us.  I wish she would live as long as us.

We are managing the megaesophagus okay, I think. I wish she wouldn’t ever regurgitate, I need to look it up and see if it’s normal for dogs to continue to do so, or if there are ways to prevent it entirely.  All in all, our Lucy girl is doing pretty good, all things considered.