Levi was limping a week ago when I took him to obedience practice.  It was odd, because he hasn’t shown any lameness before that.  But he had been a bit low energy.

So my husband took him to our vet. They moved his legs around and he even yelped because it hurt, poor guy!  She said he has all the symptoms of arthritis.  Darnit!

Levi is getting old.  He is 9.. almost 9 and a half.  So I know I have to keep an eye on him for any symptoms of old age. And this is one! My poor collie boy, I hate that he has arthritis. And I hate that he is getting older.

So I turned on the wall fountains for some soothing sounds at home, and we gave him some metacam.  We are also giving him Duralactin, which people have had a lot of success with. It’s milk from hyper-immunized cows.  I haven’t been able to find how these cows are treated, as that concerns me. It can’t be good to hyper immunize an animal, I don’t think!  I’ll look into it a bit more.

For now Levi is doing better. He’s not going to compete in any AKC Obedience, because they don’t have a preferred jump height in Obedience, so he’d have to jump 24″ and that is just too high for him. We’ll continue in ASCA Obedience as he only has to jump 16″ there.

And he’s entered in DOCNA agility this weekend. If he does okay, I’ll run him. If not, then he can just come and be with Mom.

I love my Levi Collie Boy.