Maybe I’m just vain.. but I think I do a fair job taking pictures. I have fairly good timing so I can get nice box shots for flyball. And I like the creative shots that are uncommon and fun. So I’m going to pack up my Olympus e300 DSLR and a friend’s printer and take them to the flyball tournament in Pahrump, Nevada, in April.

Kai on the Box

Maybe I’ll sell some. I’d love to get some nice pictures of people’s dogs too them. I won’t charge too much. And my team, of course, gets free ones.

Tinker Playing Tug
Playing Tug

So wish me luck. I like my camera. I also have an account at where people can buy copies later one if they want some. My PrintRoom Page… if you want to see some. I don’t have much on there yet, though. Maybe I’d make enough money to buy New York Yankees tickets… but I’d probably spend it on supplies for more pictures!