Yay! I’m so excited. For a while there I didn’t think she’d ever take the dumbbell on her own.

Tatum Dumbbell
Tatum Dumbbell

I’ve been putting squeeze cheese on the dumbbell for her to lick, which she really likes. And no matter how many times I’ve read, in clicker training books, that a dog will naturally just open her mouth to take the thing after a while… I have never had a dog do that. Or else maybe I’m just not patient enough. LOL

So, with the help of my trainer, I rolled the bar of the dumbbell into her mouth when she was licking.  She wasn’t too crazy about that, but when the dumbbell was in, I would click, and you could tell she understood that.

It only took a couple of days for her to start opening her mouth and taking the dumbbell in on her own! I was thrilled! So I didn’t need to start a hair loss treatment as I wasn’t pulling my hair out for too long!

So now we work on duration.. how long the dumbbell stays in her mouth. It’ll come, for sure. And she has to take it when it’s on the ground. All doable. I did it all with Levi and Lucy and they love the dumbbell. 🙂

My smart smooth collie girl is gonna do obedience!