I love doing dog sports… flyball, agility, obedience.. and I want to try others such as go to ground (after i get a Farmdog lol), and other things. And I’d love to have more endurance. As I write this, I actually have Mono, the test came back and so I feel like I need to go back to sleep, which I’m going to do after Lucy is done eating her first meal of the day.

Anyway, there is a product on the market called Stemulite that helps endurance and muscle building. It looks interesting and i’m going to be looking into it a bit more. It promotes better sleep, even, as it helps build muscle and gives people the ability to exercise longer. So maybe it’d help me get stronger and have more endurance for dog sports. However, I won’t try it until this Mono is gone.

Stemulite is made with all natural products and is so much better to take than steriods. I would never use steroids, they are much too dangerous and have bad side effects.  Those who are using it, are getting great results.  So once my body is back to normal, I’ll give it a try!