Is he a doll or what?! 🙂 I adore him! He is an amazing little boy and he is fitting into our pack just perfectly. Chase and Levi get to stay separate from him for a little while. But so far, so good. Levi walks around grumping and growly but leaves Jet alone, and Chase is leaving Jet alone too. Jet wants to say hi to them but I don’t trust Levi or Chase yet so we are going to be safe and careful.

Lucy, Angel, Tatum and Muffit are great with Jet, as we expected. This video is of Muffit and Jet playing this morning. They are having a great time! So far Muffit is his best buddy. Tatum wants to play but hasn’t quite been playing with him yet. I want to have Jet play with only one dog at a time for a while so he doesn’t get hurt (he’s so little!) and so they learn to play nicely together.

I’m sure I’ll have lots more videos and pictures to share!

Marie and I were up for 22 hours yesterday… we got up at 2:30 am eastern time to get to our 6am flight… which we made perfectly. And we got home at 9pm and I didn’t get to bed until about 11 pm… so that was a long day. And I am done with flying for a while!

Marie also brought a wonderful little sheltie girl home! She’s from Tampa, the Himark sheltie kennel, and we got to play with her and have her wonderful company too!

Chasing Jet around will make it so that I won’t need any best weight loss supplements for a while! He sure is a chewer, and very active! I love him! He’s absolutely perfect, he has no flaws.. he is the perfect puppy. 🙂 Today and tomorrow he gets to stay home, then he gets to start going out and experiencing the US!