Puppy Jet
Puppy Jet

Yup, it’s true, Jet is an amazingly wonderful boy. He zooms from room to room in the mornings after I get up… a bundle of energy. My other dogs have learned that mornings are not Mom’s favorite, so they kinda sleep and take a while to get going. Just like me. But Jet gets us up and about quickly and early! And, of course, I can’t resist how cute he is, so I have to play tug with him a bit, after I take him out to go potty.

He is completely house trained. I am so impressed. That’s what you get from a good breeder… instead of Tatum who lived in a yard with 50 other dogs and pooped and peed where she lived. And still now, after having her for two years almost, she will poop inside the house right next to the open dog door. Ugh! Oh well, that’s what tile is for. 😉

I got a kiddie pool yesterday and took Jet out in it, I hope he will like the water! I think so. I am getting him used to the clicker. He came already knowing how to sit, too! So I’m doing basic sits, stands and downs with him with a click and a treat, he thinks that’s great fun.

And since he’s not a human kid, he doesn’t need acne treatment for his teenage years… boy I needed it when I was a teenager!

I’m also throwing a mat out and clicking him for stepping on it… I think he’s starting to get that, too. He is an amazingly smart boy. Before him, Chase was our smartest dog… but Jet might give Chase a run for his money in the brains department. 🙂

Jet was 9 pounds 11 ounces at the vet on Monday. And we measured the squiggly guy last night, and estimated he’s about 12″ at the shoulder. I’m thinking he’ll probably grow enough to jump 16″ in agility… but we’ll see!