Three Dogs?

So I’ve been thinking lately that dealing with rescue dogs is like dealing with the dredges of humanity.  I worked in Welfare for nine and a half years. It wasn’t really all that bad, but I did get burned out, and I did tend to think everyone was like welfare recipients.  Many of the people do work hard to get out of the system, but so many are generational welfare recipients that it’s just bad.  I don’t know how it is now, I’ve been out of it for over 10 years, but still…

Anyway so dealing in rescue is seeing the crap side of people. We see the dogs who were abused by awful, horrible people. I just play with and snuggle Jet and love him and teach him stuff and I just can’t imagine anyone being mean to a little puppy like him. How awful! How an anyone hit or punish a four month old puppy for just being a puppy! It makes me so mad!

So now that I’m not doing rescue anymore hopefully I’ll start seeing the happier dogs more. And happy dogs come from happy people. Not abusers. If you abuse animals, you most likely will abuse humans too. I’m tired of sticking my head under the quagmire of human filth and abuse and staring at the dogs there. It’s time to face the sun and see all the happy dogs.

I told my husband we needed to buy a trailer or an RV and, when I retire, take a few months and just travel and go to some trials. Maybe go take some orlando vacations in the warm sun. I would love to do that. I still have some years to go, though. But hopefully it’ll happen!