So I’m very happy to say that Jet seems to love agility! Well we didn’t do much.  🙂  I took him over the dog walk slowly, with it loaded with treats, and he seemed to really like that.  He also ran up the teeter. We held the tipping end so it wouldn’t go down.  We’ll do that slowly too. Heck, he’s still a baby.  He’s only 18 weeks old!  But he’s so smart and he learns so fast. I think I am totally, completely, and utterly sold on this breed.  Wow. He’s like an old soul.  He’s so smart and calm and he loves to do everything.

He also went through a tunnel and he loved that too. My trainer and friend are developing a wonderful puppy training plan for him. I need to go read over Nancy Gyes blog too, she has a 5 month old puppy she is training.

Jet already knows off (hop off me), boost (jump on me), sit, down, stand… and lots of other things! He also is learning how to stretch on cue… he’s so cute. When he wakes up or comes out of his crate when we are training he stretches, so I tell him ‘Stretch!’ and he does it again right away for a treat!

I just adore him. My other dogs are, I will admit, a bit jealous. But Jet is a puppy and does need more attention than the older dogs. They will be okay, and they still get lots of exercise and time too. Maybe they need some orlando vacations to make them happy… or heck, maybe I need one!