Well i am down in Hurricane Utah having fun at flyball. Chase is doing really well. He has one more race today and then we are done until tomorrow.

I also have Levi and Jet with. I wanted to bring Tatum too because she is my bratty girl, but three dogs traveling is enough. Levi is with because he has been having some stress because he has not been traveling with me much anymore. And he used to be my main traveling companion. So we are all hanging out and having fun. Thoug at 93F it’s too hot down here. I guess it could be worse.

Chase is having about a 4.9 average being start dog. It’s fub being start dog and Chase has the stamina for it. Though he could lose a couple of pounds.

Anyway gong to see if i can knit some, or maybe zone out until our last race of the day.