Muffit Tatum and Chase
Muffit Tatum and Chase
Oh boy, I have not been training as much as I should… as much as I want to. I’ve been too busy trialing and then being too tired to do much of anything. Flyball was great last weekend. I have this coming weekend off… well, if you can consider a flyball demo, agility and obedience training off. Ugh. Then the next weekend it’s off to Pocatello for Agility.

It’ll be fun, I’m determined to start Qing with Chase in AKC more. So hopefully we will.

I did work with Jet some tonight. I have him on a halter and a leash, and am throwing popcorn for him. I really want him to learn to catch! None of my dogs catch, not even Chase. Well Chase can get by, but he’s not all that great at it. So I took Levi and Jet in the basement and if Jet didn’t catch the popcorn, Levi got to eat it. Jet wasn’t too happy about that! But he caught like 6 in a row I was so proud! He’s really starting to pluck them out of the air despite my awful throws. Levi was happy to get popcorn, too. 🙂

Then I took Jet upstairs and worked Leave It a little bit. Had a boring treat in my hand, and dried livers on the counter. If he left the boring treat, he got a liver. He was getting the hang of that pretty fast too.

I need to work with Chase more in obedience, and Tatum more in agility. It’ll come. I just am looking forward to November, when I just may have the whole month off competition (cross fingers!).