Well we did agility last weekend… AKC, and if I do say so myself Chase and I did a great job! Of course Chase is still better than me. Here’s our jumpers run from Sunday. And actually, I have mislabeled it. He did take an off course jump but my text is mismarked on the video. The first jump is right, it’s the second on that is waaaaay out there that was wrong. And I really am not sure if I sent him to that one or not!

I need to watch it some more and see what I think. I am having fun with Chase, and I’ve been talking to other handlers with fast border collies and, well, we are not much worse off than they are. LOL. It’s hard to run a long strided fast dog in AKC agility! But we are getting better. It’s a challenge that I really want to beat!

Even while we skid on the floor tiles when they are wet, and play in the house, we won’t skid on the grass. And by gum, I really want to Q more with Chase! He is such an amazing agility dog. I’m going to go to a seminar in October, hopefully that will help me out!