He Climbs The Baby Gates

Sleepy Jet

Sleepy Jet

Well, our house is no longer safe from the puppy monster. 🙂 Jet is so smart, and so agile, that he can climb out baby gates. Or jump them, if he gets a good collection before hand.

Just a few minutes ago he was laying in front of the one here in the basement, and whining and looking at me. He knew I didn’t want him to go over and tease the cats. But he wanted to so badly! So I gave him a chew bone instead. It made him happy.

Maybe if we put up some exit signs then he’d know where not to go…. hehe. The only reason we really don’t want him in the cat room is, well, because it’s safe for the cats. And he gets too excited by the cats. He just wants to play but they really don’t want to play with him. And there are cords and other non-safe things for him in there. But he only does it when we are home, fortunately.

He is such a good boy.  Hopefully the bones will be more fun than the cats!