Chase and Levi love to go jogging. I still wish that I loved to just run and run like my dogs to. But I don’t. It’s more of a chore than anything… LOL. But this weekend I decided to start jogging again and pulled out their harnesses and off we went.

Levi and Chase
Levi and Chase

I went on Friday and took Levi and Chase. On Saturday I took Tatum and Chase. Tatum thought that was great fun, too. Since Levi is 10 years old now I won’t be taking him every time. I want to keep him in good shape though. And I don’t really go that far. Just a couple of miles for about a half an our. So I don’t think that’s really too much for Levi. A couple of times a week. He’s a good boy and he doesn’t really show his age.

Sunday I took Tatum and Jet on a nice long walk. About 45 minutes, also a couple of miles. They both loved it. I strapped on my disposable shoe covers and off we went. Jet has so much energy… I do make sure we take it easy because he is so young and I don’t want to stress his bones. But at the same time he does have a lot of energy and so I want him to get the exercise he needs.

So I’m going to try to switch off between going on walks with Jet and going running with Chase and Tatum and Levi. Chase will get to go on all the runs. Tatum and Levi some of the runs. And Jet will get to go on walks.

My husband takes care of the rest of the dogs’ exercising so I only have to do the four. Thank goodness because I don’t have time for the other three dogs! 🙂 I love them all, though!