Danish Swedish Farmdog Puppy
Jet being Goofy in his Coat

So I contacted a Travel Agent today to see about going to Denmark to the World Dog Show in June 2010. I have been wondering why we don’t see information about the World Dog Show here in the USA. We see Crufts and Westminster and the big AKC show. But I have never heard of the World Dog Show. Is it because, at least in Denmark, they don’t allow docking or cropping? I wonder. They probably don’t allow dental implants Plano either… which I am glad for!

Anyway, I really want to go. Jet’s breeder will be there and I want to finally met her, as well as some other folk from Sweden and Denmark I have been chatting with.  I want someone to come with me, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.  Maybe.  We’ll have to see how much it costs.

So I really don’t have the money to go.  But my friend here at work has an awesome travel agent and I sent her an email. So hopefully she’ll get back to me soon. And if I can’t borrow the money from my Mom and Dad, then I might see about getting a signature loan.  I just need to hire my friend Marie as my personal assistant so she can come too!  If we just paid off the mortgage, then I’d be able to afford it. But that’s about six months away… darnit!  So close, yet so far.

But I don’t think Jet’s breeder will go to France in 2011, or Austria in 2012…. so this is the best chance I have to go and meet her and some other new friends.  So, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for credit. Maybe there’s some stimulus money somewhere I can get a hold of… I’d be stimulating the economy! Well, the Danish economy anyway!  LOL