Curious Jet

On New Years Day we went to a friend’s house for a party. It was fun and we love to visit and bring the dogs. Jet and Tatum got to come with and they loved it! They had a lot of fun. The first thing Jet did when he went inside was try to pee on the Christmas tree. Doh! The silly boy! Then he went and jumped on everyone’s laps and squiggled and snuggled and everyone falls in love with him instantly. How can they not?

He didn’t try to chew on the tv stand thank goodness, but he did try to jump… okay I take that back. He DID jump on the dinner table and had a bite of pumpkin pie!  We don’t sit down to dinner at our house… I wish we did, but we just don’t seem to have time and we don’t really eat the same food.  So he hasn’t learned table manners. But he was the life of the party and everyone seemed to laugh at him even after he ate a mouth full of pumpkin pie.  🙂

I love bringing Jet and Tatum with wherever I go.  It’s fun and for me it’s a lot more relaxing to have a dog with. Dogs are much more easier than people!  I hope everyone is having a good January.