Jet and Chase

I love letting the dogs run after a day of agility. This is from Sunday, the day I left Tatum home. So I just let Chase and Jet run a little bit. Chase always gets the Frisbee when these two run together. If it’s just Jet, then Jet will bring me the Frisbee back. 🙂 Chase is a bit pushy and possessive, though.

These boys don’t need any fat burner pills, they run around enough to burn off a lot of calories. I get to just sit and throw for them. LOL.

I think I need a smaller Frisbee for Jet.  This one is so big that his face is hidden behind it when he gets it.  It’s goofy.  🙂  This is perfect for Chase, though.  And letting Chase stretch his legs after a day of agility is a good release. It might sound odd, since he ran agility all day, five runs, but this is more free and relaxed, where agility is much more structured.

I love to watch them run!