Lucy Goosey

I don’t post much about Lucy or Angel… Angel seems to just sleep most of the time now. Lucy was out on this pretty clear day and so I was able to snap a couple of pictures of her. She is a pretty girl, and doing well at 11 years old even with her Megaesophagus and her incontenence. We manage these things and love her all the time.

At least we don’t need any acne pills for her.. or for us! LOL. She’s not on any meds, actually. Sometimes we give her some Metacam for pain but most of the time she is doing just fine.

She doesn’t have much energy but she likes to chew bones (ones that she can’t swallow) and she likes to go on walks around the block and snuggle.

I’m glad she’s still doing well. We love our Lucy girl. šŸ™‚