A Mess of Play

Chase is a very happy boy… for the first time in months he was playing with our other dogs. Unfortunately Chase does not like it when we have fosters. And so for his sake (and our own peace of mind really) we can’t foster anymore. Titus is gone, he went back to his breeder. No health insurance in NC for him, or for us either… but our house is a lot quieter with him gone.

He was a very sweet boy and we loved him a lot.  But he was a bit loud and he raised the energy in our house for some odd reason. He had a hard time settling down, more so than our regular dogs. And Chase did not like him at all. They would even fence fight through the baby gates… so we have to take care of Chase first and foremost. So please, remind me not to take any more fosters, even sweet smooth collies, if I think I might want to again. I have to focus on our regular pack. And myself too. And have a peaceful quiet house. And all our 7 dogs are, actually, very peaceful and quiet and they get along really super well.

This pictures is of Muffit, Chase, Tatum and Jet all playing in the back yard. It’s so good to see them all play and get along again!  Yay for a quiet peaceful house.