So this weekend Chase and I are off to do some flyball. I’ll be taking Jet with too, just for fun. Levi will want to go, but I’m driving with my flyball captain and so there’s no room for anyone but Chase and Jet. I hope the weather is okay for the drive down. I’m still a bit freaky about driving in snowy wet conditions… two rollovers on the freeway will do that to a person. But I’m better than I was, so hopefully everything will go okay.

It’s in Hurricane, Utah. Maybe while I’m down there I’ll find a mothers day gift. I should really start looking for something now. I won’t have much time on Saturday or Sunday though. There’s 96 races on Saturday and 76some odd on Sunday. So the days will be busy and packed. It’ll be fun though.

I actually haven’t traveled for some months now, to a dog sport, so I won’t mind going. And April I have no dog sports at all on the weekends! I’m excited for that, since I want to do some yard work!