Okay I’m sick now, in addition to my MacBook being broken, so I can’t post any pictures because I don’t have any on this computer to post. Sick sucks, and I’ve been in bed most of the day. Just got up to watch some TV.

It’s not all the dogs that are being annoying. Mainly just Levi. I spoiled him rotten all his life and now he just barks when he wants something, like a place on the couch, or he guards his bones from the other dogs. Or whatever… he is rather an obnoxious dog and I know I’ve created it! Maybe I’ll get some insurance quotes on him… LOL or maybe not.

He’s a good boy but I really just want some peace and quiet. Jet is chewing a bone. Tatum is sleeping peacefully next to me. Lucy is lying around, and Levi is just barking and yapping! UGH. I don’t know where the rest of the dogs are, but they are leaving me in peace too. 🙂