So here is the next day of Jet learning the dumbbell… oh my gosh is this boy smart.

I think when I don’t touch the dumbbell, he is holding it more still. When I hold onto it is when he chews on it. So we will work that for a while. He seems to already know to hold it until I ask him to give it. But I don’t think he really understands, it was just what he was doing. As we proceed with the dumbbell training I’ll see what he really understands and what he doesn’t.

I find it really funny that dogs have a hard time learning to hold the dumbbell in their mounts and sit at the same time. 🙂 Levi, Lucy and Chase all had a bit of a learning curve with that, and I suspect Jet will too. Maybe it’s like walking and chewing gum… ooo hehe. When the but goes down, the dumbbell falls out. But he’ll get that too!