Took Jet out in the rain (it was just drizzling lol) and got some video of him doing the hop over the prop for flyball, and the contacts on the little contact trainer I have. I think he’s got some good foundation work, just gotta make it more solid.

First the flyball. The idea is for him to hop over and back with all four feet. That’s the start of the swimmer’s turn:

Then we did a little bit of the contact trainer. I need to fix the chain as it’s not as solid as it used to be. I’m training the 2o2o (two on two off) for the A-Frame and the Dog Walk with him. The teeter will be a four on, because he’s small and I don’t want him to get flipped off the teeter. We started this on the flat board, and now we are moving to the contact trainer before we move to the full height A-Frame.

So there ya go! 🙂 I’ll be working these much more over the spring and summer!