i’m still walking! I’m doing the 30 miles for 30 days challenge and I’m doing well. I haven’t gone walking today yet but I plan on it once I’m off work. So far I’ve gone 3 days since I started (I only missed yesterday) and I’ve gone 1.75 miles each time. Wow that’s 5.25 miles? That’s pretty darn cool. 🙂

It really adds up pretty fast. I do a loop around my neighborhood and I bring my phone with. I record my walking on Sporty Pal so that’s easy and fun. Maybe I’ll be able to check out some Branson Missouri vacation packages to reward myself as I get better at walking. Though today I’ve been eating some peanut butter chocolate chips and so that’s not good. Bleh. PMS makes me feel crappy and then I use it as an excuse to snack. And the sugar cravings are hard to fight.

I’ve been taking Levi for all of the walks, and switching off Jet and Tatum too. I really can only take 2 dogs at a time. Three is too many on flexi leads. And Jet gets a wee bit excited because he has so much fun. And Levi has to bark, because it’s so much fun. 🙂 But anyway, I think I’m on track, and I plan on going walking today too!