Jet's New Collar

just a quick picture of Jet with his new collar! I actually got him three new collars, lol. Yeah I know I buy him a lot of collars. But you can see them! Even my smooth collies hide their collars in their fur. I need a security camera to see the darn things. But Jet’s shows very well!

Okay so back to the title of this post… I wanted to post an update on how many miles I’ve walked so far on my 30 miles in 30 days challenge. I’ve been going as often as I can, though I missed yesterday and the day before. And does doing yard work count as walking? LOL I’ve been doing that too a lot the last couple of days.  Today I took Levi and Lucy with on a walk. Lucy is slow and doesn’t go very far, so we only went three quarters of a mile. But it was a fun walk anyway.

So far I’ve gone 8.42 miles.  Since my goal is 30, I think maybe I’m a bit behind, since I’m supposed to be done by the end of April. Hrm… I guess I better step it up!  I will need to go 3 miles a day to meet my goal by the end of April! Well that probably isn’t going to happen. LOL. But I’m going to keep walking anyway and see how far I get!