So Angel is probably about 14 years old or so. She’s a rescue so we are not sure, but she’s really acting old lately. Probably the last six months or so. She doesn’t move fast anywhere at all… she’s very slow, she can’t go up the stairs anymore, and she’s just an old girl.

Friday she had her teeth cleaned.  I didn’t really want to have it done, I know the anesthesia can be really hard on the old dogs.  But it was pretty important to get it done. Her teeth were bad, her gums were bleeding in some places, and so it was worth the risk.

It took her a while to come out of the anesthesia, and all yesterday she had a hard time drinking. She would put her mouth too far over the water bucket so she was off the other end, away from her body, like she didn’t have the depth perception to get her aim right.  Today she is better, but we have been giving her water from a water bottle in her mouth so that she gets enough water.  And it seems to me like she’s not quite back up where she was before they put her under.

I don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us.  I love our little Angel, who came to us with a broken leg. She was found in the shelter by a lady doing collie rescue at the time. The shelter didn’t know she was a collie. She’s a smooth blue collie, so she’s not the typical rough sable like Lassie.  But she’s all collie, she acts like it.  She is very sweet and shy, though she’s come a long way since we got her and she would tuck her tail every time she went in the front yard. Her leg was so badly broken that the vet had to rebreak it and reset it to it’d heal right, and she’s always had a limp because of it.  But she’s a good tough girl and we love her like crazy.

We hope she’ll be okay, but we also know that our beloved fur kids will not live as long as we do. So we are making her happy and keeping her well as long as we can.