Jet One Year Old

Well, today Jet is one year old. It’s his birthday! He is such a good boy… and isn’t he just so very handsome? 🙂 I really love how he has grown into his body and he is just so gorgeous now. He is still a lot of puppy, but I can tell he is maturing. Maybe soon he’ll need blackhead removal when he hits his teenage years. 🙂

Jet got a birthday pizza today for his birthday. He loved it! Our local dog bakery makes custom birthday pizzas. They are huge and all the dogs got to share.  Jet loved his and got to have his bit first.

Jet's Birthday Pizza

All the dogs love the birthday pizza! We get them once in a while for the dogs’ birthdays. 🙂 We should do them more, but they are so big they feed the whole pack of 7 dogs and have some to spare!

Happy birthday baby boy!