Jet on a Treadmill

So last weekend I went to a stretching seminar and had a good time. I learned how to safely stretch a dog’s muscles. Stretching is great for their physical health and to ensure that they are limber and loose for lots of different dog sports.

Though I like to lay on a mattress all day Jet loves to run. So I wanted to understand more about stretching. I really enjoyed the seminar and I got some good notes so I can try it out on all my dogs.

On Saturday morning it was the time to bring a dog. So I brought Jet… but he was so squiqly and didn’t want to settle down. He just didn’t understand why he had to lay on his mat and let his Mum touch him all over when there were lots of dogs he could have played with, and lots of people to meet!  But that’s okay, he was a good goofy boy and it was a good experience for him.

He also got to go on the doggie treadmill! It was so neat! I really want one now… for those cold summer days so I can be a slug and he can get some exercise.  He did great. He jumped right on and trotted up to 3mph.  So I might have to save up some money to get one. They even have small ones for his size dog. This one he was on was a big one.    I hope I can afford one this winter!