Silly Jet
What a silly picture this is. LOL. Jet is such a goof. I just completely adore him. He is a happy boy isn’t he!?

So I want to go jogging with Jet. I know he’s still young, and a lot of repetitive running isn’t good for him yet, but I’m want to do it eventually and I want him to jog nicely on a loose leash by my side. Loose Leash Walking is one of the hardest things to teach a dog, and one of the most important too. Because who wants to go for a walk with a dog who is darting to the end of the leash, pulling like crazy, barking and yapping? No no that is not fun. And dogs like that don’t get to go out on walks, either. And when I start taking him jogging on a regular basis, I really want him to be by my side. He’ll have lots of opportunities to go on sniffy goofy walks too.

So today I took him out with a clicker and treats, on his collar and leash, and we went a lot further than I thought we would. He did really well. When he’d pull on the leash, we would stop. When it went loose, I would click and treat. It’ll take some work but he’s really getting it nicely. I even did a little bit of jogging and he stayed with me. I was thrilled. Dang Jet is a smart boy! I knew the Danish Swedish Farmdog was for me… but every day he seems to surprise me even more with how amazing he is.

I have to get back into shape. I was on my feet the last couple of days and I was beat when I got home. Maybe an acne light would warm me up, but I don’t know about that. I think the older I get, the more important exercising is going to be. Bleh. I wish I liked it more.

Oh, and no Q for Chase on Saturday either. He did great, but he laid down on his long sit, which is an NQ. So we’ll be trying again in June for that last leg!