Chase Goofy
Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Been out of town and out of sorts. I’ll try to get back into it more here.

The weekend before last I took Chase to Denver, Colorado, and we did some ASCA agility there. I was really pleased about how we ran. Chase did awesome, and I did pretty good at handling him, too, if I do say so myself. We got 2 and a half standard Qs, and two jumpers Qs. In Standard, a full Q is 10 points, and you need 30 points for a title. We got 25 points so I was really happy with that. Since we have such a hard time Qualifying I’m really happy with how we did!

In Jumpers he got his Elite Jumpers Title and an extra 10 points to boot. Now we get to work on our ATCH points in Jumpers. That’s so neat! I’m excited. We still need 5 points for the Elite Standard Title, then we can work on ATCH points for Standard too.

We didn’t do all that well in Gamblers. My timing needs improvement, but we’ll get there. Chase did great and I’m very happy with him!

It was windy and dusty and I could have used some acne facial cleanser to clear up my skin after. But it was warm which was nice for a change. Of course it’s warm here now in Salt Lake, too. And I am really ready for summer!