Dorky Chase

Well, I took Chase to obedience trial this weekend. AKC. He needs only one more leg for his CDX. But dangit, now it’s being elusive. He got his two first legs boom boom. Now he’s going down on his sit stay, which is an NQ. Ugh! So frustrating! He has been doing so well at training too. Just solid. Maybe if he had some contemporary sofas to sit on he’d be more comfortable? I just don’t know.

I’ll try again in August in Idaho Falls. It’s so pretty up there and the trial site is nice and calm. And I want to get Tatum ready for Rally-O too.  Hopefully she’ll be okay in the ring. She still gets nervous but she can do it!  It’ll be fun. 🙂 Of course I’ll have to bring Jet too. Even though he can’t do AKC trials, he’s my baby so he comes with me everywhere.  😉

This picture is of Chase in our back yard with a weird look on his face. He can be such a dork.  😉