I’ve been looking at Google Maps to check out the places we are going to go… and look at how gorgeous this looks. This is Frederecia, Denmark. This is where the Dansk/svensk Gårdhundeklub will be having their show before the World Dog Show. Yes Jet is entered in this too.

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It might be too cold to swim, it’s supposed to be in the mid 60s… but that’s okay, it’ll be gorgeous! Now I’m all worried about what to wear. I had something planned, now I don’t think it’s good enough and I might have to go shopping Saturday. But I don’t have any money… dang, I might have to use the credit card. Ugh!

I’m a bit excited and nervous today! Can’t stop talking! 🙂 I hope my electronics all work.. I’m bringing my phone and I have GPS software for it. But I also hope that I don’t get charged for lots of data. I have my roaming turned off… so we can hope… and my sister will be checking our usage for me. 🙂