Danish Swedish Farmdog

Well, it’s really two and a half days. But when I was in High School, I figured that once I had gotten up in the morning (the worst part of the day) I could count that day over with. LOL. Yeah.. I counted down the remainder of school days quite often back then.

I’m so glad I have Friday and Saturday off work. Not sure I’ll have time to blog… I’ll be running around like a head with it’s chicken cut off getting everything done. Actually, I think I have most everything under control. All my ducks are in a row. I must be on a bird kick today. :p I do have to do some shopping, maybe bring a barcode scanner so I don’t overspend myself, since I don’t have much money left at all. Ugh. And after Denmark I’ll have even less. Especially if they sell lots of cool Danish Swedish Farmdog stuff. I am a sucker for buying things!

I have money, passports, packing list, suitcase… and a way super cool new little crate that fits perfectly in my suitcase!  My friend gave it to my last night. I love it!  It’ll be perfect for Jet, exactly what I needed for this trip. I’ll have to take some pictures of it too. I’m sure I will when I’m in Denmark.

Okay, so off to get some work done, though this work day is just dragging by.  I hope Friday and Saturday are productive days!