Jet on the Beach

Well, we’ve been back from Denmark for a full week already. Wow time just flies. I haven’t been doing much, but I want to get Jet started on 2×2 weaves. I got out a set of 2x2s and started him a little bit, but I’ve misplaced my 2×2 weaves DVD and so now I’m not sure what to do and I don’t want to do anything wrong!

I went on a hike with the husband, Jet, Tatum and Muffit yesterday. I need to get the pictures off my camera and load them up, too. The dogs had a great time and I did too. Though I’m still getting over this darn cold I got in Denmark and today I am resting. I just need to find the best eye cream for dark circles so my eyes don’t look like I just woke up!

Isn’t this a nice picture of Jet? My friend Mark took it in Denmark on the beach. I love the lighting.