Jet in Copenhagen
Well first off here’s a picture of Jet in Copenhagen. 🙂 I hope you don’t get too tired of pictures of Jet in Denmark! I have a ton of them! LOL and my family doesn’t want to see too many of them, they like landscapes and stuff even though dogs are so much more interesting. LOL.

Anyway I’m still having a bit of a problem teaching Jet how to move laterally. From side to side with all four of his feet. So I’ve been getting out the dowels and the first step is to get him to come to a front inside the dowels without worry about it. That is pretty well along though he still won’t find them quite yet but he will soon, I’m sure.

When he’s in the dowels in front of me I move to the right, and I want him to move with me keeping his straight front. I think this will help the lateral movement on the side of me too for ins. This is all for obedience, if you were wondering. 😉 Right now he doesn’t quite understand moving and I have to push him with the dowel. Then I click and treat when he moves all four feet at the same time.

I have never trained this before so it’s my attempt at getting a nice solid front where he knows the position and will move with me. I just need to keep working it and we’ll get the hang of it!

So instead of looking up nuphedragen today I’ll be working more of those fronts. I’m having a nice easy weekend which is really nice. Though we’ll go play some flyball practice tonight which will be fun too.