Camping April 2008

I really miss camping. I have my Macbook’s screen saver as all my pictures on my whole drive (which are a lot, I think I’ll be running out of hard drive space soon), and saw some pictures of camping. This is from April of 2008. Lucy is the one in the picture (along with my sister and nephew). Lucy was much healthier then, too. Before she had the Megaesophagus. Before she had to be fed three to four meals a day, all liquid in a blender, and then have to sit in her chair for 20 minutes after she heats.

I love Lucy and we haven’t been camping because we are not sure how to feed her when we go. Though I think we can make a light PVC chair for her. We just haven’t done it. Maybe we’ll be able to go camping next year. This spring, too, Angel was sick and dying, so that made it hard.

I remember, a few short years ago, when I would just sit and be so grateful that we had all young healthy dogs. Well, we don’t anymore. Now we have a couple old dogs, and Lucy is not so healthy. It’s a bummer. But she’s doing okay and plugging along.

Maybe we can get her a new chair for Cyber Monday this year… but they don’t really sell them in stores. 🙂 My husband makes great mega-esophagus chair for dogs though! He did follow plans on the web. Our sweet collie girl, she is such a sweet heart, I wish we could do more for her.