Danish Swedish Farmdog

Yup Jet is a goof. 🙂 I actually think it’s good and healthy for a dog to dig. Especially Jet, since it’s in his nature and his breeding and lineage. He hasn’t done it much, so I encourage it when I find him doing it.

Danish Swedish Farmdog
Jet Digging to China

I’m not sure what he was going after, but I think he wanted a stick that was buried under the ground. Maybe it was a root. And Chase was looking at him like he was weird…. LOL, but was curious about it too. I’ve never discouraged any of my dogs from digging. We have a dog house, and yard, and it’s for their pleasure and fun.

Jet and Chase
Jet Digging and Chase Watching

So I had to get some pictures of the goofy boy digging. Hopefully he won’t find any herpes simplex down there… lol. But our yard is actually pretty darn safe.