Photo Shoot

Danish Swedish Farmdog

Jet Being Cute

I thought it was time for a photo shot today. I actually don’t think I’ve done one in a couple of months. And that is rotten! The grass is going to turn brown soon, the snow is going to fall, and then I won’t have pretty green grass in the photos for a while. Dangit!

Danish Swedish Farmdog

Jet's Tongue

And Jet is just so photogenic. LOL. I can’t resist taking pictures of him. I did get pictures of the other dogs too… and maybe I’ll post them up in a bit. Usually Tatum’s pictures go on Tatum’s Blog

Danish Swedish Farmdog

Handsome Jet

So just some nice pictures for the day. Good thing the dogs don’t need any phentermine diet pills to stay nice and slim and pretty. They just need exercise and a good diet!