Jet Stacked
Jet Stacked
Jet Stacked

Okay I’m not totally against breeding. There are some dang good breeders out there that produce very nice, quality, healthy dogs. I am against backyard breeders and people who just willy-nilly say that they are going to breed their dogs.

I was at Petco today and had Jet with me. And it does kinda get annoying to say, 10 times, that no, he’s not a Jack Russel Terrier, he’s not much like a Terrier, he’s a Danish Swedish Farmdog. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that doesn’t really annoy me as much as the lady with the super fat JRT who saw Jet, who is intact, and said that they are going to breed their sausage JRT soon because won’t that be fun?

What do I say? No, it won’t be fun. Don’t breed your ugly fat JRT, please. Don’t be a backyard breeder. Go work in a shelter for a month then think about it.

I think, when I get that comment, which I probably will get a lot since it’s pretty obvious that Jet is intact… that I need some good questions. I kinda just want to be rude and say “well you’re an idiot then, don’t breed your dog.” LOL but that’ll just turn people off. LOL.ย  I think I need to ask some good questions like:

1. So you have done extensive testing on your dogs hips, genetics, and health?
2. So you have done a lot of research into who you want to mate your dog to?
3. Do you have puppy buyers lined up for the puppies your will produce?
4. Do you have a contract so that any puppies that don’t work out, will be returned to you?
5. Do you know how many pure bred dogs of your breed are euthanized every year in US shelters?

Okay maybe #5 would be rude. LOL.
So good friend readers, I’d love some more comments on what to say to people.

I do hope to breed Jet someday. But if there’s anything wrong with him, I won’t take it personally if he never breeds. And he is from an excellent breeder who does a ton of research. And if I do end up breeding him, it will be after a great deal of advice, help, and research on my own part to find a good female for him. And, there’s only about 150 Danish Swedish Farmdogs in the USA, so breeding him would be to contribute the betterment and the advancement of the breed.

Your typical stupid backyard breeder isn’t going to understand all this. I know that. But I just want to smack them upside the head and take their dog and spay or neuter it right then and there. Ugh. People are just so stupid.

So for me, walking around with an intact male, I may not have an argument against breeding… however, I actually think I do. I just have to find the right argument. ๐Ÿ™‚