Big Snow Storm

Jet and Tatum in the Snow

Jet and Tatum in the Snow

Well we finally got that big snow storm. It was not ‘that’ big snow storm that was predicted.. this one came almost a week later. LOL. Utah is so hard to predict. They usually get things wrong. This one happened on the weekend, which was nice. Less traffic. Most of it came down last Sunday. I went to Levi’s K9 Nose Work Class, then flyball practice. I took the Subaru Outback though, not the minivan. The Outback has AWD and handles the snow beautifully.

So the snow isn’t bad with a good car and the dog’s in seat belts. 🙂 And the husband has been doing a lot of shoveling, which is also nice! I really appreciate when he does that! He’s such a great guy. He doesn’t need to find out about side effects of diet pills since he’s been working so hard on the snow!

The dogs, of course, love the snow. They are out playing in it a lot. I threw a tennis ball in the deep part so that Jet would go find it, to show how deep it is. I am pretty sure we got over a foot total. We haven’t had this much snow in a lot of years. It’s good for our water supply. And I like the snow until the end of December. Then I’m pretty much done with it and I’m ready for spring. 🙂

For now the dogs are enjoying it!