Danish-Swedish Farmdog and Smooth Collie

Danish-Swedish Farmdog and Smooth Collie
Tatum and Jet
I am so thrilled with Jet! Every other month Stacy Peardot-Goudy comes here to Utah and a bunch of us get together and we have a day of agility with her. An agility workshop. I ran Chase in the morning though some pretty tough courses. In the afternoon I was so thrilled to be running Jet! He is ready!

I can’t post the video because it’s private. I did get some though and I’ve been watching it a lot. 🙂 He is such an amazing boy! He did so great! He didn’t understand the serpentine or the send to the back of the jump, but that’s okay, he’s still learning a lot of things. I haven’t trained serpentines or threadles yet. I am going to order Stacy’s DVD on Serpentines, Threadles and 270s. I never was good at training 270s so I really need help at that. And I haven’t serpentines for a long time. Not sure I ever really trained threadles, either. So I’ll need some help doing those. If anyone has advice on how to train them let me know, I’m open to ideas! And I usually modify them to work for me, too.

I did some sending Jet to the back of a jump this morning at home in my front room. I need to cut my jump bar down, it’s like a 5′ jump and hardly fits in my living room. I think a 2.5′ jump would be better. It’s all PVC so will cut down easily. I just need to find the time. And I’m not sure how to do it, except motioning and throwing a toy behind the jump, and then calling him over it toward me. I’ll have to think about that too.

I do wish I had some new digital cameras with video on them… I broke my video camera so it doesn’t have the tripod screw part anymore. Bleh. My husband rigged the tripod with clamps so that it will hold the camera, but it’s a bit cludgy so far.

Anyway… Jet is going to be ready for flyball and agility soon. Very soon. I think February for agility, and March for flyball. I’m so excited to get him competing! I haven’t had that much fun running agility since I ran Levi in the early days, before I knew he had weave problems. Maybe… just maybe I have a MACH dog on my hands here. I really hope so, but I don’t want to jinx it!