Oh no. I’m so sad. Not only did Levi have to have a tooth pulled today, it was one of his big upper canines! I feel like a very bad Mom. I should have been on top of it and kept it healthy. It was only one, but it was really bad. I know I should brush dogs’ teeth and stuff but dang that’s a lot of work and they all really hate it.

Levi had a couple of cysts on his foot too, that wouldn’t heal. So the vet put him under to take those off, and x-rayed his tooth to see if it was bad enough to remove. Well, it was. The rest of his teeth are fine though. I think this is Levi’s first extraction. I wish we could have done a root canal or something, but not sure if it’s worth it for a dog to go through all that.

Now Levi is groggy and recovering. I hope he feels better, the tooth was probably hurting him quite a bit. Ugh. No ATV Accessories for us now, we have to pay for Levi’s surgery. Poor boy. Levi is my heart dog, and I don’t like it when he hurts.