Jet Thinking
I’ve been wondering lately if my dogs can think words. Surely they can think sounds. I mean, making sounds to ones-self is a pretty basic ability. I don’t see why other animals can’t do the same thing. Maybe they can’t, I guess we probably will never know, but I like to assume that animals can think sounds to themsleves just like humans can. There are, actually, very few abilities that are exclusively human. Many other animals share things that humans do. So why not thinking sounds?

So if dogs can think sounds to themselves, why would they not be able to think words? I don’t know if they would put the words together into sentences, as that might be beyond their ability. But then again, maybe they can. Maybe a dog looks at his bone, and when he looks at it, a human voice comes into their head and says ‘bone.’ Or ‘ball’ or ‘sit’ or ‘treat’ or a zillion other things that the dog recognizes as having meaning.

Anyway, just an interesting thought. We may never know, but I like to believe that my dogs can, indeed, think words to themselves. Because they are very smart, and I like the idea!

Now that I’ve dabbled with that thought, maybe I’ll go find some free online dating site that will let me find some other people who may have the same idea!

–okay I went and did some Googling and this guy has the idea that dogs cannot think words, because they cannot, in fact, produce the words with their mouths, throats, and biological setup. And that we can only think sounds that we can actually say… I wonder if that’s true. I’m going to have to spend some time trying to think sounds that I can’t produce with my own voice setup!