Back Yard

Well, tomorrow I leave for the flyball tournament. I’ve been having vertico for the last week, and accompanying nausea, and I’m not really feeling much better, so I hope I don’t just hate the whole weekend. I usually can push my discomfort to the back of my mind and body well enough to function, and possibly even enjoy myself, so I hope I can do that this weekend too. (Doc says I probably have a virus in my ear, whatever.)

We are racing three teams, two singles and a pairs this weekend, so I am going to be on my feet almost constantly for both days. Which is, actually, how I prefer a trial or tournament. I can’t stand sitting around, so I work. But then I get pretty tired the entire following week. Oh well. One bad thing is that two of our teams are in the same division. And both my dogs, Jet and Chase, are on each of those teams. Soooo… I’m going to have to ask someone to race Chase. He’ll race for just about anyone, as long as there’s a tug at the end of the game. Jet is more sensitive and he’ll probalby only race for me. Plus, it’s his first team so I want to know how he’s doing.

I hope the four to five hour drive is okay, and we don’t hit any bad weather. Supposed to rain all weekend, which sucks, though the tournament is indoors so that’s good. Hopefully I won’t need any cheap auto insurance, the stuff I have should hold me over!