Jet in the Dishwasher
I think it’s true that both humans and dogs both have food issues. I mean… my dogs are in good shape. They are not fat, they are not skinny. They get enough to eat, but they sure don’t think so. If it were up to them, they’d all be super fat and happy eating all day long. And you know, it’s the same for me too. LOL. Though I’d add to that: sitting around on the couch all day would be ideal instead of running amok all over the place like the dogs like to do.

I guess when I was lots younger I liked to run around too. But now I’m like the older dogs, content to sit and veg. It’s good that I do have some younger dogs to keep me on me feet and moving. And I do move! I’m thinking, instead of jogging, I need to go sprinting. Since most of my dog sports where I’m moving are agility or flyball, where I’m sprinting full speed for only a half a minute or so. Maybe I’ll try to do that when I’m out with the dogs. Just take off full speed for 30 seconds and see if that helps. LOL.

Anyway, so I’m going to write down everything I eat… I think that’s the best way for me to lose weight. I hate it. My anxiety surfaces when I have to track something like that with OCD. It’s why I don’t clean well or cook well. Same anxiety. But alas, I’m getting too big. And the only thing that has really worked for me in the last year has been when I’ve counted calories and written down everything. Bleh.

And I need a long term goal, like a year. I guess I can’t expect to lose 10 pounds in a month. Even though that’s what I want. I’m now past 40, and yup, it’s much harder to lose weight now. Ugh.

Oh well, so me and the dogs hopefully won’t be sticking our heads in the dishwasher trying to lick out every dang crumb. LOL. If I get to that point, then please put me in therapy!