Well, the weather looks like it’s finally turning around! We’ve had a super cold April. Now it’s finally May, and the weather-guessers are saying that it should be in the 70s next weekend. Woot! I’m excited because, of course, our agility trial is outdoors. This trial seems to end up being cold most of the time, rainy and wet and yucky. So hopefully this year it will be nice.

I haven’t gone to this show in a while. Probably a couple of years. So kinda miss it. It’s the big one, conformation, obedience and agility. Jet is in Obedience Thursday, and Agility Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am gonna be super impatient the next two work days, I’ll want them to be over so I can just do some sports with Jet!

Oh and I better get some sun block, my skin is super white and I burn like crazy. Maybe some natural skin care products will help so I don’t get sun burned!