Jet did awesome in agility again today! He qualified in both of his open runs. This morning he qualified in Open Jumpers with Weaves which gave him his 2nd Q in that level. One more and he’ll get to move to Excellent A JWW. Maybe we can pick that up tomorrow, I can sure hope so! Here’s his run:

He also qualified in his Open Standard Run. This… my dear friends, puts him into Excellent A in three trials! How can I be more proud of my boy? I’m amazed. I know he’s not the fastest dog in the world, but I didn’t train him for speed. I train for consistency and accuracy, and by gum, I think we’ve got it!

I got over being spooked at his being spooked about the sounds, too. And we are working through it. I bought some Great Bait at the show ring and Jet and I went and sat in the grass through one of the excellent runs and every time people clapped he got a super good treat. Every time the GO sound went off he got a super good treat. I also recorded the darn sound so I can go home and play it too so he’ll get used to it.

I’ve been running Tatum too this weekend and she Qd on Friday but she didn’t today. I think she’s getting really burned out. She’s a good girl though and is still trying! I’m not sure I’ll travel with her to 3 day shows, this is mostly a test to see how she does. Now she’s sleeping on the chair in the hotel room, she’s very tired! Maybe a multivitamin would perk her up… or me, I’m due for mine!

Sweet Jet