Well we seem to have recovered from our unfortunate fiasco running agility in Blackfoot Idaho, where we only got 1 Q out of 8 in Jumpers and Standard. Today Jet and I were in a local AKC agility trial and he Q’d in both his runs! That’s his second Excellent A Standard leg, and his third Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves leg for his AXJ, woo hoo!

I’m so excited we got his AXJ today. I was getting a bit down in Blackfoot when we didn’t have a good Q rate at all. So now I’m glad that it’s picked up again. We have two more days of agility and hopefully we’ll get some more Qs. I’d love to get his AX this weekend too!

It was pretty hot today though we were indoors so that was nice. I didn’t need my Ray Bans even unless we went out to walk and potty. The indoor building was rather warm but they had the Swamp Coolers going and the big fans so it wasn’t really too bad. Though I was still sweating when our runs were done.

Tatum did really well too though she didn’t Q. I forgot that in Open each second over course time is actually 2 faults, not one. So she was 12 seconds over course time in Jumpers but she got 24 faults so no Q. I’m really gunna have to see if I can speed her up. But we do have some years yet and she likes it so we are just having fun. 🙂 Here is her run, I didn’t get her JWW on video, but she moved even better in JWW: